Cyberpunksss [Hard Techno]

For 4D4M, anthemic melodies and rawstyle rhythms tear through the fabric of reality, leaving eardrums ringing and subwoofer cones trembling under the weight of the hardstyle bass.

In 4D4M’s new cyberpunk EDM ID, the boundaries between man and machine blur. 4D4M’s music becomes a conduit for defiance, resonating through the neon-lit alleyways and clandestine dance floors of our cyberpunk metropolis on the brink.

“Cyberpunksss” is a call to arms for all ravers who dare to defy the status quo, a sonic revolution that reverberates through the veins of the city like a defiant heartbeat. So brace yourself, cybernetic warriors, for 4D4M’s “Bass War” is about to unleash its fury upon the dance floor, shattering the boundaries of reality with an electrifying frenzy of cyberpunk EDM bass and stylish hard techno.


Available Lyrics


Waiting, turn em,
I can’t see it.
Can I get a _?
I might let it.
Something creeping -
Think it needs it.
Ghetto for em -
Now we're in the same.

Wait who turned the lights out?
I can't see a thing dog!
Can I get a foam light?
I might let it ring dog -
something creeping in the dark, think it needs a theme song
shadow follow me around

Never follow me, we’re never in the same boat.

Never follow me me me me me me hey
No follow no follow no follow
Never follow me me me me me me hey