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Riddim Defined

With riddim the bass takes you on a wild ride. It’s a subgenre of dubstep known for its heavy, repetitive basslines and minimalistic structure. Imagine the sound of metallic wobbles and deep, guttural bass frequencies pulsating through your body.

When you’re at a rave experiencing riddim for the first time, it’s like being in the middle of a musical storm. The energy is electrifying, and the bass hits you like a physical force, vibrating through your chest and reverberating in your bones. The crowd becomes a sea of movement, everyone syncing up to the relentless rhythm.

You’ll find riddim being played at underground clubs, warehouse parties, and massive music festivals. Picture yourself surrounded by flashing lights, a sea of ecstatic faces, and the thumping bassline shaking the very ground beneath your feet. It’s an experience that transcends just listening to music; it’s a full-body immersion into the raw power of sound and rhythm.

That just leaves one question for you now: 

Can you get into the infectious rhythm of riddim?

Riiddim DJs / Riddim Artists:

  • Excision
  • Virtual Riot
  • Doctor P
  • FuntCase
  • Datsik
  • 12th Planet
  • 4D4M
  • Skism
  • Zomboy
  • Eptic
  • Trampa
  • PhaseOne